East Head Cruise – Sun, Sand and Sailing

A group of approximately 30 people converged on east head for the all section cruise.



Because of the Neap tide The Dinghy section had to depart the club before 9am to avoid wading out into the chichester mud. A mixed fleet of mirror, Sport16, Wanderer, Topper and three 2000’s and one of the club Argo’s were accompanied by Pete Harrison on Tango. Ian Lissamore decided that taking his racing machine Solo to east head was too easy, so he travelled down on his wind surfer (not sure where he stowed his picnic).

The wind from the south west made the journey to the beach a series of beats which gave everyone plenty of tacking practice.

Once at the beach, a camp was assembled and soon Yacht and Motor members started to join, making their way ashore by tenders and ribs. Heather and Joe managed to time their arrival from the channel islands to arrive just in time for lunch.

With the sun out and the wind light everyone had a very pleasant lunch, with BBQ’s and picnics. Mike and Paula Olliff showed that even dinghies have class, with their champagne and champagne glass carrier.

After the lunch there was an opportunity for people to have a joy ride in the dinghies with the three 2000’s and Bella and Paul’s new Wanderer giving rides to anyone that wanted to have a go.

After all the fun, it was then time for some dinghy race coaching, with Pete setting a course and encouraging us to correct some of our bad sailing habbits (apparently 2000’s have to be sailed flat, who knew!)

An evening in the club garden with a glorious sunset topped off a fantastic day.