Yacht Cruise : Cross-Channel Cruise and Onward RC Cruise

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As last year, the RCs cruise will be tagged on from after the Cross-Channel Race / Cruise. The intention is that this will be an As Far as You Like cruise. Those racing or cruising across for just the bank holiday weekend can return from Cherbourg on the Monday. Those who wish to continue to the Channel Islands on the Monday can do so, and then return or make their own plans after a week. Those who wish to continue to North Brittany can do so to make a two-week cruise. Finally, those who wish to continue further can do so, and we would hope that there will be a few up for continuing round to South Brittany. We will try to appoint deputy cruise leaders leading the various return trips. Berths have been booked in Cherbourg for Saturday and Sunday nights and Guernsey for Monday and Tuesday, and further bookings will be made once we have a better idea of how many want to go and how far. More detailed information will be issued nearer the time, but when booking please advise how long you wish to join the cruise for (weekend / week / fortnight / longer).
If you are taking part in the timed race please contact John Lake, Deputy Cruise Leader. 07889927286 or 01243537606
This far in advance, who knows whether it will be possible to sail across the Channel, so…
The Cross Channel Race this year, if wind and weather permit, will be run as a timed sail ? all you need to do is log your sailing start and finish times – and the greatest distance sailed will be the winner.

A combined cruise / race briefing will be held on the Thursday evening at a time to be confirmed. Dave Roberts. 01243 410050 or 07805695361

This is a members only cruise - login to reserve a place
This is a members only cruise - login to reserve a place

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