Become a member of Chichester Yacht Club

Membership of the Club is open to all with an interest in boating – you do not need to own a boat to join.  Simply contact us using the form below and we will send you an application.



Individual and Family Membership

You can also download our membership application pack here which includes our:

Membership Letter ,

Membership application form, DD form

New Members Information.

Corporate Membership

For Corporate membership, please see the information in the links below

Corporate covering letter ,

Corporate Application Form

DD form.

Alternatively please feel free to visit the Club at a time convenient to you so our team and members can show you round the Club and explain in more details how to gain the most from membership.

As well as gaining access to all the Club’s facilities and sailing & social events, full members also benefit from a 20% discount for purchases at the Club restaurant and bar and reduced rates for training courses. In addition, members of the Club may have exclusive discounts from a select number of national and local businesses that serve the boating community.

Categories and monthly subscriptions are:

Membership Type Monthly DD
(per Month)
Joining Fee *
Family ** £35.00 £100.00
Individual £26.00 £75.00
Cadet *** £5.00 £0.00
Student £5.00 £0.00
Under 40 Family £25.00 £0.00
Under 40 Indiv. £20.00 £0.00
Away Member £10.00 £0.00
New Trial Off-Peak Membership (House members only)

Monday to Thursday until close and Friday until 15:30

Membership Type* Monthly DD
(per Month)
Joining Fee *
5 Day Family £20 £100.00
5 Day Individual £15 £75.00
5 Day Corporate **** £20 £100.00


For those wishing to store their dinghy or canoe in the Club Dinghy Park, further fees are payable. The Club office can provide details.

* Joining Fees are now added to your Membership Card to be spent in the Bar and Restaurant.

** Concessions  are available for Single Parents.

*** For under 18 with member sponsor

**** Includes 3 cards. Additional cards available. Please contact us for more information.


Membership application