Adult Intermediate and Race Coaching

Adult Intermediate and Adult Race Coaching are often organised on the same day, allowing you to change groups to suite your own sailing objectives.

Adult Intermediate

P1100333If you have mastered the basics and want to learn more, why not join one of the clubs Intermediate coaching sessions. These sessions will help you to develop your technique, practicing the basics and giving you advice on how to better control your boat.

The coaches are friendly and experienced members of the club, they will start the session with a briefing, explaining the objectives for the session on the water.

Once afloat the sessions can focus on all aspects of sailing, from the basics of tacking and gybing to spinnakers and rudderless sailing.

These sessions are often tailored to the group so you are sure to get something from attending.

Adult Race Coaching

P1050976If you are already racing maybe you would like to join a group to practice and improve, or if you are comfortable sailing dinghy’s and would like to give racing a try, why not join us at the adult race training sessions.
Adult race training is an informal coaching session. If you want to know how to increase your speed upwind, or how to setup your boat for light air, or how to approach a busy start line, it can be covered in the briefing before we go on the water.

On the water we always keep busy (and warm, even in winter), plenty of tacking and gybing to get everyone warmed up. Then we often focus on more specific skills, perhaps trigger starts, mark rounding, downwind speed, even how to make the boat hover on the line by sailing backwards.

The sessions are friendly and fun, most attending would admit that they are rarely at the front in the races, but the race training has helped them to get more out of their sailing, improving boat handling and helped them have more competitive races.

You can find adult intermediate and race training in the dinghy section of the program, to reserve a place please contact the office.