Chichester Yacht Club Trophy Winners


Trophy                                   Awarded for                                                                                         Winner


Endeavour Trophy             Meritorious achievement in the services of the Club,                    Robert Spencer

awarded by the Flag Officers


Woodhams Wheel              Services to the Club awarded by the General Committee            Martin & Cindy Orton


Cruiser Cup                         Log, Cruise or CYC Magazine article from previous 12 months  Kevin Fearn

                                                awarded by the Flag Officers



Trophy                                   Awarded for                                         winner


Winter Series

Frozen Toe                           Overall winner of 2016 series            Guy Mayger, Felpham SC


Fast Snowflake                   1st Fast Fleet                                         David & Fiona Sayce, HISC

Medium Snowflake            1st Medium Fleet                                  Steve & Sarah Cockerill, Stokes Bay SC

Slow Snowflake                  1st Slow Fleet                                        Connie & Nina Radford, Langstone SC

Veteran Fast Snowflake   1st Veteran Fast Fleet                          David & Fiona Sayce , HISC

Veteran Medium Snowflake 1st Veteran Medium Fleet             Bruce Grant, Itchenor SC

Laser Snowflake                1st Laser                                                Alex Butler, HISC

Solo Snowflake                 1st Solo                                                 Guy Mayger, Felpham SC

Icicle                                      1st Junior boat                                       Alice Serna & Alexander Cray, Felpham SC/CYC

Franklin Trophy                 1st Female Helm                                   Lucy Boreham, CYC

Holt Snowflake             1st Jack Holt designed boat       Guy Mayger

Open Series

Idun Trophy                        2000 open                                              Rob & Sarah Burridge, Weirwood SC

Europe  Trophy                   Europe Open                                        Graham Hutchings, Royal Belgium SC


Solo Trophy                         Solo Open                                             Fraser Hayden, Papercourt SC


Optimist Trophy                 Optimist Main Fleet Open                  Alice Snook, HISC


Optimist Regatta Trophy  Optimist Regatta Fleet Open             Gwen Sargent, ESC


Nicks Boat Trophy            Merlin Rocket Open                             Sam & Megan Pascoe, Castle Cove SC

Hadron H2 Trophy             Hadron H2 Open                                  Jack Holden, Arun SC

Topper Trophy                    Topper Open                                        5.3 – Angus Kemp, Poole & Parkstone YC                                                                                                                     4.2 – Daniel Perkins, Warsash SC

Laser Trophy                       Laser Open Main Fleet                       Luke South, Stokes Bay

Laser Open Radial Fleet                    Andy Palmer-Felgate, CYC

Laser Open 4.7 Fleet                          Arthur Farley, RVYC

Dinghy Week Trophies


Trophy                                   Awarded for                                         winner


Brunt Trophy                       1st in Fast Fleet                                    Nick & Roger Elliman, CYC


Barry Coomer Trophy       1st in Medium Fleet                              Nick & Biddy Colbourne, CYC


122 Trophy                           1st in Slow Fleet                                    Thomas Machell, DQSC/CYC


CYC 50th Anniversary trophy                                                          Nick & Roger Elliman, CYC


Becky Pye Trophy             Youngest qualifying Helm                  Thomas Machell, DQSC/CYC


Eric Bransby-Williams      Leading Topper                                    Katy Merrifield-Day, CYC


Oppie Model Trophy                                                                         Ewan Edwards, CYC


Oppie Summer Racing                                                                     Thomas Dempsey, CYC


Topper Mug                                                                                         Lucas Sproul, CYC


Hamish Scott Trophy                                                                        Michael Olliff, CYC


Club Series


First Breath Tankard         1st First Breath Fast/Modern              Michael & Paula Olliff

Evening Tankard                1st First Breath Medium/Classic        Ian Payne


Mission to Seafarers Pennant        1st in Pursuit race                Bill Grose & Sally Cantello


Spring Fling                         1st Fast/Modern Fleet                                          Roger & Andy Clare

1st Medium/Classic Fleet                                    Lucy Boreham


Evening Tankard                1st Midweek Evening Series Fast      Phil Allen


Albacore Trophy                1st Lady Todd Modern/ Fast               John & Pauline Cox

Lady Todd Trophy             1st Lady Todd Medium/Classic          Charlie Porter

1st Lady Todd Slow/traditional           Meryl Deane & Tom Niebel


Midsummer Frolic              1st Midsummer Modern/Fast              Chris Grosscurth & Emma York

1st Midsummer Medium/Classic        Nick & Biddy Colbourne


Farrant Ladies Trophies   1st Women’s Regatta Helm                Meryl Deane


Sussex Penguin Trophy   1st Youth Regatta                                 Charlie Gran


Up the Creek Trophy         1st Up the Creek race                          Phil Allen


Clancy Cup                          1st Summer Series Fast/Modern       Al & Manu Jenkin

Harper Laser Trophy         1st Summer Series Medium/Classic Ian Payne

Yeoman Trophy                  2nd Summer Series Fast/Modern      Chris Grosscurth & Emma York


Solus Trophy                       Late summer Series Fast/Modern    Tony Purser

Late summer Series          1st Late summer Series Medium/Classic                        Ian Payne

Holt Trophy                          2nd Late summer Series Medium/Classic        Derek Jackman

Eric bransby-Williams 2   1st Late Summer Series Slow/traditional                         Lucas Sproul


Boxhill School Trophy      1st weekend Evening Series (Fast)   Nick & Biddy Colbourne

1st weekend Evening Series (Slow)  Meryl Deane & Tom Niebel


RNLI Pennant Pursuit       1st RNLI Pursuit race                           Derek Jackman


Albacore Autumn               1st Autumn Series Fast/Modern         Helen Green & Biddy Colbourne

Mirror Trophy                      1st Autumn Series Medium/Classic  Laurence Murray

Birdham Half pint               1st Autumn Series Slow/traditional    Oliver Randall-May


Birdham Barrel Trophy     1st Birdham Barrel Fast/Modern        Chris Grosscurth & Emma York

Mirror Open Trophy           1st Birdham Barrel Medium/Classic  Laurence Murray


Bell Trophy                          1st Long distance Series                     Phil Allen


Virtual Trophy                     1st Half Way Up The Creek                 Nick & Roger Elliman


Osbourne Crew trophy     Leading Crew in weekend Series     Emma York


Bank Holiday Pursuit        1st Bank Holiday Pursuit Race           Nick & Biddy Colbourne


Optimist Trophy                    1st Optimist Race Group                     Thomas Dempsey


Optimist Trophy                    1st Junior Race Group                         Ewan Edwards


Abate Trophy                      Coordinating and developing CYC optimists  Clive & Claudia Bush


Malcolm and Sylvia Pye   Major contribution from new member to Dinghy Section              Jo Dipple




Trophy                                   Awarded for                                                                         winner


Motor Man of the Year      Greatest Male contribution to the Section                       Richard Williamson

Culverwell Trophy              greatest female contribution to the section                     Som Mc Hale



Nab Trophy                  Most active new members                                               Susan & Stephen Baystead


Paul Hadley Trophy            Best social event on or outside a cruise                         Claire Armstrong


Rear Commodore’s Trophy Awarded at RC’s discretion                                Ian and Natasha Edmunds




Trophy                                   Awarded for                                                                         winner


Cross Channel Plate    Annual Cross Channel Race                                              Steve Cray

Steve Cray

Cuff Miller Trophy              first leg in the Round the Island Race                                Wendy & Craig McGuinnes

Harding Trophy                  second leg in the Round the Island Race                          Wendy & Craig McGuinnes

Round the Island Trophy Round the Island race                                                          Wendy & Craig McGuinnes


Ian Brunt Trophy               Yarmouth and Back Race                                                    John Lake


Race Skipper of the Year Best performance over 7 yacht races.                               Steve Cray


Mike Bunce Presentation Meritorious service to Cruising in Company                    Helen and Graeme Jupp


Silver Jubilee Cup             Encouraging further the extent & standard of yacht racing David & Susie Burall

Jim Bramidge Challenge Cup CCRC / CYC annual race                                           CCRC


Peter Buttery Salver         Cowes and Back race                                                           David & Gill Roberts